Working through the Star Runners Universe

Work has finished on republishing Star Runners: Revelation Protocol, the second novel in the Star Runners Universe. I expect the book to be available at all the retailers soon (hopefully before Christmas). I've received some emails, posts, etc. from readers wondering why I'm publishing the old books and not new ones. Fair question. My short answer is the rights returned to Shadow Max Publishing and provided a unique opportunity to read through the manuscripts one more time before I carried out the task of republishing. Also, I didn't want to work on publishing the fifth book in the Star Runners Universe without having the other four on the market. To be honest, the manuscripts had been throu

The only girl in the galaxy

I received the best birthday present last week: assigned seating to Star Wars: The Last Jedi for Friday, December 15 at 4 p.m. I love the fact I don't have to rush into the theater with a mass of people and stake my claim on a prime seat like an Oklahoma land rush. Try as I might, I have not been able to keep my excitement for the movie at a reasonable level. Each glimpse of Rian Johnson's film has elevated my interest in the new adventure. Once one of the original summer blockbusters, Star Wars has now entered my birthday month for three years in a row--it doesn't get any better than this! But I keep watching all the cast interviews, trailers and featurettes only to feel a gaping absence in

Star Runners Book 1 Now Available

Happy Tuesday, everyone! First, let me get this out of the way - I have to wait exactly 63 more hours until I see Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Friday. That means I am about to go into an Internet fast to avoid spoilers. Now that I got that out of the way, I wanted to let you all know the first Star Runners is back on Amazon and Kobo (soon to be followed by the other big name outlets where you buy your books). If you're interested, check out the series page here. I know some of you are waiting on Star Runners 5 and I promise it is in the works, but I want to get the entire existing series back out there. There are also some significant announcements on the horizon regarding the Star Runners Un

Republishing Star Runners

With the Star Runners Universe returning to Shadow Max Publishing, it has been a very busy ending to 2017. Four separate books are currently being reformatted and prepared for publication. That means hours of watching files upload and proofing the final versions of the books. Thankfully I have been using a software called Vellum to help with the nuts and bolts of formatting, but the actual publication with the various venues still takes time. If you are interested in getting into the publishing game (and you have a Mac), Vellum is worth a look. The esteemed and infinitely cheerful (and informative) Joanna Penn wrote a great piece on Vellum you can check out here. My priority at the time of t

Star Runners Returning to Shadow Max Publishing

The Star Runners Universe is returning to where it all began three years ago - Shadow Max Publishing. The first four books in the series (Star Runners, Revelation Protocol, Mission Wraith, Scorpions) will be republished in the very near future at all your favorite stores. Expect more announcements, giveaways, etc. with more details soon! The relaunch of the Star Runners Universe is just the beginning. More books - including Star Runners 5 - are currently slated for publication in 2018 under the Shadow Max Publishing banner. Additional works within the Star Runners Universe are also in various stages of development! That's all for now. Stay frosty!

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