Star Runners Bundle Price Drop!

In celebration of the August 3 release of Star Runners: Dark Space, the Star Runners Bundle of books 1-4 is currently drastically discounted to make for the biggest sale in the history of the Star Runners Universe! For a limited time, the first four books of the series are only $2.99! The release of Star Runners: Dark Space is the first new adventure in the Star Runners Universe to release in nearly two years. If you haven't ever sat in the cockpit of a Legion Trident or heard the sizzle of an energy bolt flying past your head, this is the perfect time to leave Earth behind and experience this series for such a low cost. The discounted bundle is currently available in most online retailers.

Return of Friday Game Night

In the opening chapter of the first book in the Star Runners Universe, you find out the main characters are playing an online game full of space battles. By knowing this, I guess you would understand when I tell you I'm a lifelong gamer of both the board, card and video variety. Even when I lose miserably, I love a good game. I still play games on a regular basis (although life has a way of making the length between gaming sessions farther apart). In fact, I try to play something once a week. I believe when you stop playing and only work, well, that's the day you start dying. Why am I telling you all this? Because I'm reintroducing game night at my house on Fridays! Each week, I plan to brin

Sneak Peek 4 for Star Runners Dark Space

Enjoy another sneak peak into Star Runners: Dark Space! In today's scene, Josh Morris has just survived an attack from a mysterious force hunting him to the edge of known space. While traveling their next destination, Josh has a chance to speak with the deadly Douglas Foster who is on the same path (for much different reasons). ** "What are you, a noble Star Runner, doing this for? You could have stayed safe and sound on your dark world, probably even avoided this the rest of your life.” Josh grimaced at Foster’s tone. "They're my friends. I won't leave them if there's a chance." A shadow fell over Foster's face, and he appeared to stare at a faraway place. "I had friends before. They caused

I'm going to Disneyland!

Since I finished Star Runners: Dark Space, I thought I needed to celebrate by going to Disneyland! Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. My wife had business in California a few miles from Disneyland, and we decided to have me join her for her birthday at the end of her business trip. I hadn't been to the park in 30 years, and she had never been, so we decided to go on a whirlwind trip to see Mickey's first theme park. The strange thing about going on such an epic but brief journey is I feel like I'm spending much of today allowing my brain to catch up with my body. Did we really just do that? As I sit here in my office, I keep asking, "was I really 3,000 miles away yesterday?" Walki

Sneak Peek 3 for Star Runners Dark Space

Today's scene from Star Runners: Dark Space finds the Barracudas running into a bit of trouble in the orbit of the planet Ashia following a delivery. Will they survive? ** "There's another one, boss,” Tocol said, warning bells wailing from his station. Grumbling, Waylon looked away from the curvature drive display, his leather flight suit stretching. He plunged his fingers into the wild fiery beard extending from his pale square jaw as his boots clanged on the steel deck of the Sparkling Light’s bridge. “Are you sure?” Waylon asked, resting his arm on the back of Tocol's seat as he peered at his old ship’s ancient readout. "You send our ID ping?" "No response." Touching his translator, Waylo

Getting lost in Pinterest

I've loved fantasy and sci-fi art since I can remember. It probably started with my early trips to the library when I realized all the books on the shelves could be mine for a short time. I would spend hours gazing at the covers (it was the first place I had seen Lord of the Rings) and dreaming. Growing up in the 1980s, I think I loved most movie posters even more than the films! I dabbled with role-playing games as a kid. Loved the core books with all the incredible art. I still dream about a Star Runners RPG someday. Now days I enjoy spending time staring at the Pinterest boards on space fantasy art, spacecraft, etc. There are so many incredible artists! I love creating the boards and comi

Standalone or not?

"Can Dark Space be read on its own?" I was asked this question over the weekend. In other words, is Dark Space a standalone novel? My first answer was to say no, then yes, then ... ummm. How eloquent. A couple of years back when Star Runners: Mission Wraith was released, I had a guy write to me who was introduced to the Star Runners Universe (SRU) at book 3. He proceeded to read the books in reverse order of release. I'm proud to say he let me know they were still enjoyable. Whew! From the beginning of the SRU, I always wanted each book to have a complete story. Even though its a series that's building up to the events in Star Runners 6, I wanted the novels to at least have an entire story.

Sneak Peek 2 for Star Runners Dark Space

The following sneak peek of Star Runners: Dark Space sees Josh Morris returning to a very familiar place (Atlantis) in the previous books in the Star Runners Universe. Hope you enjoy it! ** As the doors closed behind him, one member of the working group glanced at Josh but said nothing. He continued down the row of various star vessels, all locked in the deep storage of Atlantis. Flickering tube lights lined the ceiling, casting a ray of light through the dust. Given the state of the storage hangar the farther he walked from the elevator, it was apparent most Legion staff rarely had cause to come down here. As his boots echoed with each step, he passed a freighter in space three-one-four, no

I am boldly going...

I've never been what some people would call a "Trekkie" or "Trekker" or whatever you call a super-duper Star Trek fan. I've always leaned toward Star Wars (as many kids in the 1980s did). I'm too young to have experienced the original series in the 1960s. My first introduction to the Star Trek Universe was when my dad took me to see Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I loved it! I think I've seen nearly every other Trek in the theater since Khan and have enjoyed them all in different ways. I vividly remember Star Trek: The Next Generation airing. Many of my friends and I thought it would be stupid (how could anyone replace Kirk and Spock's crew?), but we slowly started to enjoy them. Other tha

Marveling at Marvel

Over the past couple months, I've seen Avengers: Infinity War and the Ant-Man sequel in the theater. Both were pure fun at the movies, full of escapist entertainment. It's easy to see why these movies have become such a juggernaut at the theater. People like having a good time when they go to the movies (shocker). But I've been thinking about the past ten years of Marvel movies ever since I left the theater last weekend after watching Ant-Man and the Wasp. It's been quite an ambitious undertaking that in hindsight seems like a sure thing when it wasn't. I remember thinking way back in 2008, "They're going to create a linked cinematic universe with a bunch of superheroes? That'll never work."

Star Runners: Dark Space is Available for Pre-Order

Star Runners: Dark Space, book 5 in the Star Runners Universe, is now available for pre-order! The book will be released on August 3! True friendship has no boundaries. Being a recruiter for the Galactic Legion of Planets is a safe and secure job for Josh Morris as he tries to re-enter a "normal" life following his captivity at the hands of Dax Rodon and the Tyral Pirates. But he is tortured by a vow he made to the smuggling group known as the Barracudas to return their ship. Once he decides to leave Earth, Josh has no idea his past is hunting him, seeking revenge. What follows is a heart-pounding adventure discovering new worlds and cultures, narrow escapes, and thrilling space battles as J

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