Ghost - Now Available!

Ghost: A Star Runners Universe Novel is now available! Would you like a sneak peek? Read on! ** A woman carrying a small child ran from the trees at the settlement’s edge, her eyes bulging. She yelled at an old man standing at the well. He grabbed the child, and they disappeared. Panic swept through the huts. Two teenage boys sprinted through the huts and scurried up the mountain in the direction of Tanyo’s hunting party. Taffman backed away and turned to the waterfall. Should they take their chances and jump? How far was the water below? “Don’t even think about it,” Jacob said. “That’s not the way.” Taffman made an attempt to slow his breathing. “Jacob—” “That’s not my name,” he said, pushi

Ghost Overview

A reader asked me recently, "So what is Ghost about?" I answered, "An assassin in the Star Runners Universe." A pause. "So how does he know Austin?" "He doesn't." Silence. "I thought it was a Star Runners book." "It's set in the same universe." Pause. "Oh, that's cool." This exchange got me thinking. After all, C.G. Adams and I have been building the Star Runners Universe since 1992. It started as a roleplaying game and evolved into writing books (even though we still ponder relaunching our RPG efforts). We still have all the notes, images and maps from way back then all the way to now. But until four years ago when the first book in the Star Runners Universe released, we had never unleashed

From Tizona to Ghost - A Four Year Journey

How about that dramatic title, eh? The release of Ghost: A Star Runners Novel marks four years to the day that Star Runners dropped on Christmas 2014. I have mentioned to people numerous times I had no idea anyone would ever read the book. It was published to keep a promise to a young man I was mentoring. Four years later, I have no intention of stopping with numerous finished manuscripts in various stages of the editing process. I'm even more excited about the prospects of the Star Runners Universe than I was in 2014. Ironically enough, sections of Ghost were written long before any adventures of Austin Stone. Ghost was a looming figure over a series of short stories I dabbled with almost t

Ghost - The Hunt Begins December 25

Some doubt his existence. Some are hunting him. Some will die by his hand. Efficient. Deadly. Untraceable. An intergalactic assassin with numerous identities strikes without leaving any hint of his existence, giving him the moniker: Ghost. His lethal work will touch lives across the galaxy, from the military to the primitive farmer to the Zahlian Merchant Marine. In the wake of death follows a capital ship captain hunting for a target he scarcely believes in and an over-the-hill marshal who still has another chase in him. But what happens with the flawless contract killer may have reached too far during a job? When all clues lead to one place, and his pursuers back Ghost into a corner, all b

Scorpions Attacking Audible!

Continuing the celebration of the four-year anniversary of the Star Runners Universe, the fourth entry, Scorpions, is now available as an engaging and adventurous production ready to assault your auditory senses! Bob Dunsworth has produced an incredible experience, bringing the entire story of Star Runners: Scorpions to life in a way I could have never expected. I cannot wait for your to experience this performance! If you haven't experienced Star Runners on audible, books 1 through 4 are now available. Download them today to prepare for your upcoming holiday travel!

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