Making time to write

I am writing this today in the middle of an anticipated snow event in north Georgia. All surrounding schools have been canceled, the roads are nearly devoid of traffic, and I find myself being able to work from home. I thought it was time I answer a question I receive quite often in emails from people around the world: "How do you find time to write?" This question is second only to, "where do you get ideas from?" The ideas' question is impossible to answer. I love stories, both hearing/reading them and sharing. I am always daydreaming when I should be working, driving, concentrating, etc. I don't know where the stories come from other than me thinking something would be cool. But the findin

2019: Looking back, forward and up!

January is always a time of year when every person, publication, and business seems to be producing an annual report, a recap of their year, a presentation for stakeholders, etc. Having written, designed and produced several annual reports in my lifetime, January has always been a depressing and stressful time following the joy of the holidays. (For those of you wondering, it is not the weather. I love winter and the cold. Yes, it's true.) So I've always avoided writing a similar "annual report" for Star Runners to avoid flashbacks. After receiving several flattering emails about what is in store for the Star Runners Universe, however, I decided to work on a sort of recap for all of you as w

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