All good things...

No, I am not referencing the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation with this title (although it's a fantastic series ending if you for some reason have not seen it). I am referring to the Star Runners sale that has been going on for the whole of 2019. It started with the first Star Runners listed on sale for 99 cents earlier in the year and led to more considerable discounts in the series in preparation for the release of Invasion. Well, it wouldn't be a "sale" if it went on forever. Invasion is dropping on July 1 (you should check out the preview scenes I've been releasing on Facebook if you're interested), which means all the prices in the Star Runners Universe will drift back to

Going to keep writing

I was recently asked by a reader how I deal with negative reviews. Wanna know a secret? I don't read many reviews unless they are sent directly to me by a reader. Sure, I sometimes glance at them when someone brings it to my attention. Some reviews are flattering, other funny. I'll admit some sting. But I do not hover over my books to see what reviews are coming in. I don't think that would be healthy for anyone. I used to read them, though. I remember getting a scathing review years ago. I read the comments, believed they had merit and addressed the issues. I even contacted the reviewer to ask them to join my advanced reader copy team. Never heard back from this individual. Then, I stopped

Writing is invading my dreams

Last night was weird. I'm in the middle of writing the sixth book in the main Star Runners storyline, the culmination of the tale started with the publication of the first Star Runners book in 2014. I don't think I'm spoiling anything to tell you the story contains large battle scenes and stressful situations. It has been wearing me out a little mentally, but that usuallly happens when I'm deep into writing a story. However, I didn't realize it until last night how big an effect the story is having on me. The story invaded my dreams! Characters, ships and scenes played out in my dreams last night. It was crazy. Then, it gets even stranger... As I was dreaming about a battle scene, I woke to

Star Runners: Omnibus an Amazon bestseller!

What a pleasant surprise you all have given me this week! The current sale celebrating the upcoming release of my newest novel (Invasion) propelled the Star Runners Omnibus to number 1 in the space opera: science fiction category this weekend! I am beyond thrilled! I owe you all my gratitude. With all the novels out there in the world for readers to choose, I feel so blessed you have decided to read mine and know it would not have been possible without you or divine intervention. I have never been good at talking about myself, so I will keep this brief and get back to writing the sixth novel in the primary Star Runners storyline. Please know that whenever you read this, you helped make my wo

Summer sale to celebrate 'Invasion'

It's always exciting to bring attention to the Star Runners Universe when a new book is coming out. With Invasion dropping on July 1, I am happy to say many other books in the universe are going on sale to celebrate this release! Subscribers to the Star Runners Universe email list will also get some cool giveaways in the next week as well as an extended preview including the first several chapters of Invasion to see if you're interested. So sign up today if you want to see what Invasion is all about! If you are on this blog, there's a good chance you might have read one of the Star Runners books. If you haven't, the first four books are going on sale over the next couple of weeks. How much?

Invasion drops July 1

A new book in the Star Runners Universe is dropping July 1! I always love writing that sentence. The title of the upcoming release is Invasion. When I first set out to write in the Star Runners Universe, I wanted to write from the point of view of three different people on three planets throughout the galaxy. Earth native Austin Stone was first with the Star Runners series (now five books in). But I always wondered what it would be like to see the experiences of a young man not born on Earth. What would have happened to Austin if the Zahl Empire had recruited him instead of the Galactic Legion? The answer transpires in Invasion. Nat Hodges is about the same age as Austin when Invasion begins

Friday Game Night: Fire in the Lake and other revelations

Being an author/historian/gamer, I have a wide range of interests when it comes to what is going to hit the gaming table on Friday nights. I will be the first to admit many of my choices of boardgames are not the most enjoyable for everyone else. For example, I tend to gravitate toward epic games with an equally epic game length. I think I first discovered this from my Uncle Ken. My cousins and I spent many an hour at the gaming table with him. The gaming enjoyment has only grown over the years, but life has a way of carving away potential gaming opponents--especially with a ridiculous gaming session time. Side note: I once had a bookcase game called Vietnam by a company named Victory Games.

Remembering D-Day with Dad

The beaches of Normandy. A place I never thought I would walk was in front of me. I was speechless. As the world remembers the events of D-Day 75 years ago today, I find myself brought back to last May and June when I traveled from England to France and on to Austria with my father one year ago. We viewed so many sights in countries I never thought I'd visit. Never had I been on a trip with so many heavy emotions. For those of you unaware, today marks the anniversary of the Allied invasion of Western Europe occupied by Hitler's German forces. While the Soviet Union had been clashing with Germany on the Eastern Front for years at this point, the world (especially Joseph Stalin, who had been d


I go to movies by myself. When I say this aloud, most people will follow my statement with a look of complete sympathy as if they feel sorry for me. I have never understood this reaction. Before you feel the same way, I love going to movies by myself. I was having a very busy weekend catching up on all the errands life throws at you (while getting in my daily writing quota as well). I suddenly realized I had finished my work and there was time to take in a movie. So I went to see "Brightburn" knowing very little about it. I thought the short synopsis on the AMC app sounded like a sweet story that drifted very close to the tale of Superman (I didn't realize until after that was the point). It

Life Happens

There is a movie streaming on Amazon Prime called "The Words." It's an interesting flick if you have time to check it out. I won't spoil it, but let's say it is the story of authors, so it draws me in with that premise. Side note: I am a sucker for any story involving authors. Anyway, there is a line in the movie where one author asks another why he didn't write more or what happened. "Life," he breathes. I think that quote sums up what has happened to my blog updates. I loathe explaining and whining. Let's say 2019 has been full of ups, downs, and quagmires. Around March 2019, I decided to remove the blog from the website when I realized I wasn't providing updates. Today, I am rectifying th

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