A talented gamer. A secret military program. Will he discover the curriculum is out of this world? 
High school senior Austin Stone hates being trapped in his hometown. With no chance at a scholarship, he’s resigned to a bleak future where his friends head off to college and his only escape is the Star Runners video game. But when he secures the top spot on an elite server, he’s shocked to receive an invitation to attend a mysterious academy.
Reporting to a classified location, Austin is astonished to find a covert military base and learn his favorite game was a high-tech simulator. And he soon finds himself in the cockpit of a real spaceship battling intergalactic pirates on increasingly dangerous missions. But space pillaging is just the beginning of a whole new level of perils…
Can Austin defend his champion status and join the ranks of Earth’s fearless fliers? Star Runners is the first book in an adventurous sci-fi series. If you like detailed game worlds, ambitious heroes, and galactic battles, then you’ll love L.E. Thomas’s electrifying coming-of-age story.
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The dangers in the universe followed him to Earth.

Starfighter pilot Austin Stone, recently commissioned as the newest Star Runner with the Galactic Legion of Planets, always heard you can’t go home again, but he never imagined his homecoming would descend into terror and violence.

Upon his arrival, he is thrust into peril as a dark force lurking in the shadows targets Star Runners and their loved ones in a series of deadly attacks. After surviving an explosion on the streets of San Francisco, he rushes back to Georgia to ensure the safety of his mother.

The threats from the stars intensify, magnifying into an unimaginable offensive, leading Austin back into the seat of a Trident starfighter to defend his home and family.

Packed with captivating pursuits and thrilling encounters, Star Runners: Revelation Protocol is the second entry to the Star Runners Universe: a collection of space adventure books.


​The enemy created the best starfighter in the galaxy. Now he's going to steal it.

Star Runners are dying. Lurking in the darkness, the expansion faction of the Zahl Empire has an innovative threat confronting the Tridents of the Galactic Legion of Planets.

After surviving pirate attacks and battling threats to Earth, Austin Stone already knows better than most the perils in the universe as he boards a carrier for his first official assignment in a starfighter. Soon after his tour begins, a mysterious spacecraft strikes fear in the hearts of all Star Runners and could catapult the factions into a galactic war.

Dealing with plunging morale and missing comrades, Austin has to cope with the fact they are meeting an enemy they cannot defeat. But perhaps the Legion could find another way to engage the new and deadly adversary …

Featuring nail-biting intergalactic espionage and exhilarating dogfights in space, Star Runners: Mission Wraith is the third entry to the Star Runners Universe: a collection of space adventure books.


​How can you oppose an adversary willing to claim victory at any cost?

Still reeling from recent events in the intergalactic cold war, former Earth resident Austin Stone enters a new phase of his career as a Star Runner with the Galactic Legion of Planets by joining the covert squadron known as the "Scorpions." The training is demanding and rigid, pushing him to the limits as he continues to improve his natural skill at the stick of a Trident starfighter. 

But factions in the Zahl Empire yearning to fan the flames of Imperial expansion continue to operate in secrecy, attempting to ignite another fight with the Legion. An immoral and clandestine scheme hatched years ago by Zahlian Agents is entering its final stages, a project with the possibility of shattering the Legion from within. 

Through vicious encounters and clandestine missions far behind enemy lines, the Scorpions will need all their courage to confront a foe determined to spark a conflict at any cost.

With heartbreaking revelations and epic space battles, Star Runners: Scorpions is the fourth entry to the Star Runners Universe: a collection of space adventure books.


​True friendship has no boundaries.

Being a recruiter for the Galactic Legion of Planets is a safe and secure job for Josh Morris as he tries to re-enter a "normal" life following his captivity at the hands of Dax Rodon and the Tyral Pirates. But he is tortured by a vow he made to the smuggling group known as the Barracudas to return their ship. 

Once he decides to leave Earth, Josh has no idea his past is hunting him, seeking revenge. What follows is a heart-pounding adventure discovering new worlds and cultures, narrow escapes, and thrilling space battles as Josh travels to the farthest regions of the galaxy—and beyond it into the unexplored Dark Space—to keep a promise and help a friend, unknowingly sparking events leading to a conflict of terrifying scope unlike any the stars have ever seen.


Star Runners: Dark Space is the fifth entry to the Star Runners Universe: a collection of space adventure books.



The galaxy is burning.

The Galactic Legion of Planets is reeling from a surprise invasion from a mysterious force hailing from Dark Space. Back in the cockpit of a Trident, Austin Stone and the elite Star Runners are battling against a swarming armada threatening to conquer star systems that could ultimately place Earth in the invaders' path! 

At the same time, the Zahl Empire is maneuvering to take advantage of the Legion's struggles by igniting the long-simmering cold war and avenging the embarrassment of the previous galactic war. As the Star Runners parry the vicious onslaught of an alien force, they must respond to a Zahlian incursion on the Fringe world of Ashia that could escalate into a two-front war the Legion could not survive. 

Enhanced by intense space battles in what one reader described as an "overarching powerful ensemble of a space epic that keeps you reading," Star Runners: Galactic War is the sixth installment of the primary Legion storyline in the Star Runners Universe. 

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