Star Runners

"I wish I could tell you how cool this is."


With those words uttered by his best friend during an online chat, Austin Stone, a high school senior, forces himself to accept the fact his friends are leaving him behind.

With average grades, less than stellar play in baseball, and a single mother struggling to make ends meet, it looks as if Austin’s only way to continue his education would be through some kind of miracle. 


His only escape is playing an online space simulation, Star Runners. It seems to be the only environment in which he excels. However, being a champion Trident Starfighter isn’t something you want to brag about in public nor will it help earn a scholarship. 

But as soon as Austin is about to give up on college he reaches the top of the elite server. He receives an invitation from a school shrouded in secrecy promising to unlock his hidden potential. With no other options, Austin takes the offer. 

What he doesn’t realize is that his dream of going to college has just opened up the cosmos and will challenge everything he thinks he knows about himself and the universe.


This debut book in the Star Runners Universe is a YA space fantasy adventure story.

Revelation Protocol


“About the dangers out there.” Nubern leaned into the camera.“There is much more going on in Quadrant Eight than I have been at liberty to tell you.” 

Austin Stone always heard you can’t go home again, but he is looking forward to his leave on Earth. 

Upon his arrival, Austin is immediately thrust into danger as a shadowy force targets Star Runners and their loved ones on Earth in a series of violent attacks. After surviving an explosion on the streets of San Francisco, Austin rushes back to Georgia to secure the safety of his mother. 

Violence builds and an unimaginable attack is launched, leading Austin back into the seat of a Trident fighter to defend his home and family. 

This book is a YA space fantasy adventure and is part of the Star Runners Universe.


Mission Wraith


On the border of Zahl-Legion space, far from anything Austin Stone has ever known, Star Runners are dying. Lurking in the darkness, the Zahl Empire has a new threat facing the Legion Tridents. After surviving pirates and battling threats to Earth, Austin knows better than most rookies in the Tizona Squadron the dangers that exist in the universe.

Soon after his tour begins, a mysterious weapon strikes fear in the hearts of all Star Runners and has the ability to catapult the Legion and Zahl into a galactic war.

Dealing with plunging morale and missing comrades, Austin has to cope with the fact they are facing an enemy they cannot defeat. But perhaps the Legion could find another way to face the enemy...



Still reeling from recent losses and the results of Mission Wraith, former Earth resident Lieutenant Austin Stone enters into a new phase of his career as a Star Runner with the Galactic Legion of Planets by joining the newly formed covert squadron known as the "Scorpions." The training is demanding and rigid, pushing Austin to the limits as he continues to improve his natural skill at the stick of a Trident space fighter. 

But factions in the Zahl Empire yearning to fan the flames of Imperial expansion operate in secrecy to ignite another war with the Legion. No one in the galaxy has any idea an immoral and clandestine project hatched years ago by Zahlian Agents is entering its final stages, a project with the possibility of destroying galactic peace. 

Soon, the Scorpions face incredible odds both beyond and from within Legion borders. Through vicious dogfights and spy missions far behind enemy lines, they will need all their courage and skill to confront a foe determined to spark a galactic war. 

Star Runners: Scorpions is the fourth adventure in the exciting Star Runners Universe.

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