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The Genesis of Star Runners: A lifetime of story

Now that we are about to release Star Runners, I find myself reflecting quite a bit on the genesis of this story. I have been writing this tale since I was in seventh grade. That might be hard to believe. To be more accurate, I was building this world since seventh grade.

I created my own complete world with a core book for my best friend and me to play. He loved it and soon started addding to the world (he was always a better artist). I still have the original notebooks and am amazed at the detail created. From star charts to weapons, we thought the game had it all. The game soon turned in to short stories I printed on a monochrome computer with a dot matrix computer.

The stories changed from middle school and beyond. We discussed creating a role playing game with some mechanics we thought were pretty cool. We had a first draft of the core book, but still needed to work on it.

But I never considered the novel Star Runners until the past year. A couple factors led to this decision.

I am mentor with a local program, Mentor Me North Georgia, helping young people. I see every day how youth seem to struggle to find hope and discover something for which to strive. I feel young people have forgotten how to dream or at least lost some of its power. I wanted to create a story worthy of young people today, something to help foster the idea of hope and dreaming.

My best friend also faced extremely tough times in his personal and professional life. I thought creating an exciting adventure to provide an escape would be fun for him. When he told me he read the book on one plane ride, he encouraged me. Then he reminded me of the other novels I had aging on a hard drive. He said Star Runners should never meet the same fate.

These factors led me to write and publish Star Runners. It was quite a ride. I look forward to taking another.

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