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Glimpses of Childhood on the Internet

Yes, I’ll admit the first thing I thought of on Black Friday was the fact a teaser trailer to the new Star Wars movie would be released online that day. Never mind it would be about 90 seconds long. Never mind it would probably reveal little to nothing about the plot. Never mind it was still more than a year away. It was Star Wars.

And it was not just new Star Wars. This was a sequel to the 1983 “Return of the Jedi” I saw in the theater. That’s right, it is rumored to have Han, Luke and Leia back for another adventure (I write “rumored’ simply because I won’t believe they are actually in the movie until I am sitting in the theater).

Yes, I was excited. I admit it.

My Dad took me to see all of the previous Star Wars movies (to be fair, I think I took him and Mom to the last one in 2005). I don’t know if he liked them as much as I did, but they were life altering events for me. Are they always great movies? Is that even the point?

I will say nothing makes me dream quite like Star Wars. Nothing transports me to another world with so little effort. There is nothing that makes me feel so connected with my childhood.

Did Star Wars have an effect on me as an adult? Without a doubt. I have had other jobs and worked in different careers, but I have always wanted to tell stories to make readers feel the way I did when I first saw Star Wars. I think this has propelled me forward more than anything else in my life. I could be wrong, but I don’t know if young people dream the way they once did. I might have on rose-colored glasses, and that’s OK. If one person is moved to dream by something I write then I feel I have done my job.

I will probably take my Dad (and Mom if she wants) to see the new Star Wars movie. I’ll even spring for the $95 popcorn. My parents taught me how to dream of flying to the stars. The least I can do is take them with me when I get there.

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