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Visions of the original Trident

This might be hard to believe. If I didn’t have it on my shelf, I wouldn’t believe it.

I still have the original folder of material I created for Star Runners.

In the seventh grade.


With the publication of the first Star Runners novel in December, I have naturally been recollecting on the original work I had done back in the seventh grade. I didn’t know if I had the original sketch of the Trident I made back in the day. I didn’t even know if had named it the Trident at the time, but I wanted to see it.

I flipped through the pages filled with maps, hasty sketches and timelines. Even after a half dozen moves, I still have all of these documents.

I never was much of an artist. I preferred to dream and paint in words instead. When I turned the page to see the Trident, my jaw dropped. It was nothing fancy, but it was how I pictured the space fighter when I wrote Star Runners. The name above the sketch was the “Star Slider”, but the design was accurate.

Upon gazing at my pencil sketch, I realized I have been dreaming of Star Runners for 25 years. I am so thrilled to share this little world with all of you. It is my hope a young person will be encouraged to draw on their own dreams, whether with words or images, and share it with the world.

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