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Motivation of friends

Since Star Runners has been released, I have been reflecting on how long I have actually been working on building this world. There is an old saying I’m sure many of you have heard of that says, “Art is never completed. It is only abandoned.” I have found this statement to be true.

I have been writing since grade school. I have published a few short stories here and there. When we all awaited the end times we called “Y2K,” webzines had become all the rage at the time and I found some success in publishing on these sites. However, I always wanted to share Star Runners with the world in some way, shape or form. At times, I thought of publishing a source book for a role playing game for the book. Most of the time, my dreams led me to see the Star Runners’ world in print.

But I always wanted to work on it more, refine the story and the world.

If you have ever been in this position, I would recommend telling your friends what you would like to accomplish. Although it is nice to hear their support, I am recommending this for their accountability. They will soon ask, “How is the book coming?”

My best friend growing up (who was the first person I shared Star Runners with when we were in seventh grade) motivated me in ways he probably doesn’t realize. I remember I was working on my first novel attempt at the same time he got married. I had finished my first draft and told him about it. During his speech at the rehearsal dinner the night before his wedding, he announced to everyone the best man had a novel in the works.

“I’m looking forward to reading it,” he said.

As the eyes in the room descending upon my reddening face, I felt the cold shiver of reality sliding down my spine like a melting ice cube. I had to finish the book. I had never been more motivated to do it.

If you have a dream and you want to make it happen, tell your friends and family. Tell them every day. Give them updates. Whether they support you or try to dissuade you from chasing your dreams, you will find motivation beyond your wildest imagination.

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