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Video game scholarships? Yes, it’s true

When I started writing Star Runners, I wanted to create a fun story for young people to enjoy. Perhaps, in my wildest dreams, I wanted it to be a story some would find inspiring enough to dream. The events transpiring in Star Runners are, of course, fiction.

For those of you who have read the story, you know the main character is heavily involved in playing a video game online. In real life, I never believed I would truly see a school that would offer a scholarship based on one’s performance in a video game.

I was wrong.

Earlier this year, the Associated Press ran a story that was picked up by several national media outlets announcing a private liberal arts college in Kentucky had announced it would make video games an official sport. More than that, the University of Pikeville would be offering video game scholarships to gamers in the fall. This makes the educational institution one of only a few schools in the nation to provide scholarships to those who play a game called, “League of Legends.”

According to the article, the move of offering scholarships to gamers is becoming a “worldwide trend.”

Not only did I find this information to be wildly exciting, I found it caused me to look at my own story a little differently. While Austin managed to earn a scholarship in Star Runners that led to exciting adventures taking him far from his origins, it is quite interesting to think something similar will happen to students this fall.

The next time I play a game online, I might start wondering a little more about who out there is controlling the other avatars roaming around on my screen.

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