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Booktrack: A Soundtrack for Your Reading

When the idea of launching the first Star Runners book became a reality, I looked into different ideas to get news of the book out there. Through “The Creative Penn” podcast, I heard the host Joanna Penn mention a site called Booktrack. If you haven’t seen this site, go check it out.

This site allows you to create a soundtrack for your work. We created a Booktrack for one of the opening scenes of Star Runners. It was intuitive, easy, and fun to create a soundtrack to your scene. It’s more than music. You get to create sound effects, ambient noise, and more. It’s very cool.

More importantly, I think it’s a great way to encourage young people to read more.

I haven’t made any secret about my initial reason for writing Star Runners. I wanted to create a fun read for young adults and adults to enjoy. I spent more than half my childhood stuck in books. I would get lost in them. I would crack open a book and travel to a different place. In my time mentoring local teens, I found many of them didn’t have an interest in reading.

If Booktrack can attract people of all ages to read more books, I am hooked.

Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

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