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Space Fantasy

I’ve been interested in science fiction, fantasy and space operas since I can remember. This is followed closely by my love of history. I read books, magazines and short stories in all of these arenas—everything I could get my hands on. In grade school, I started writing adventure stories. These simple tales followed an adventure in space or, a few times, in history. In fact, I remember using a typewriter to write a story about a family dealing with the experience of living through the American Revolution.

As I grew up, I realized I had to write something more mature. Well, at least that is what I told myself. I started writing nonfiction essays, papers and stories on historic topics. I was one of the few students in my graduating class who enjoyed writing research papers. I still dabbled in space fantasy, but tried to tell myself it was only a hobby.

I wrote academic history papers and, when I had the time to devote to fiction, I would write historical fiction. It never had the same excitement to me. I didn’t get that feeling of enjoyment I did from space fantasy.

I was able to write for a living through newspapers and magazines, but it was never fully satisfying.

I didn’t begin writing a space adventure novel until a young man in a program I am a part of mentioned he didn’t like to read. I asked him if he would read a book if I wrote it. He said he would, so I began trying to figure out a story to write about. I knew he loved video games and action. Taking his interests into account, I used my love of space fantasy to write Star Runners.

Star Runners was the name of a role-playing game I made up and played with my best friend. We both wrote role-playing scenarios in the world and I always loved them. I dug out the stories written on old notebook and grid paper from the attic; I was immediately transformed! For the first time in years, my writing thrilled me. I was able to take my love of writing, space fantasy and Star Runners and add purpose to it.

I immediately sent a copy to my best friend to read. He loved it and encouraged me to publish it.

We all struggle to accept ourselves. We try to conform to what we are told is proper and acceptable. We ignore the feeling we are not doing what we are put on this Earth to do. Some people spend their entire lives doing something they hate, struggling to make it through their unfulfilling jobs.

I am glad I embraced my love of space and adventure stories. For better or for worse, I was born to write.

And it feels good to accept that.

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