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Another Star Runners book is in the works

Some of you have asked me how many books are planned for Star Runners, and this is difficult to answer. As many of you know, I wrote the first book to provide something fun and easy-to-read. I have always loved adventure stories—particularly those set in space.

The basic framework for the Star Runners universe was created more than twenty years ago when my best friend and I wanted to create our own universe to play in. It grew and changed, of course, but most of the universe was planned so long ago.

As for Austin Stone and his place in the universe, his initial story will be told in a trilogy. I have ideas for many, many more stories, but I wanted the questions posed in the first Star Runners book to be answered within a trilogy. I aim to finish this trilogy as soon as possible and will provide regular updates.

After the initial trilogy, I will begin work on other tales in the Star Runners universe. I can’t wait to continue sharing this stories with you.

For now, I had better get back to writing. Drop me a line on Twitter, Facebook or send me an email. I will respond as soon as possible.

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