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Traveling for the Holidays?

I hate traveling. No, that’s not accurate. I love having traveled. I hate the process of traveling—especially in an airport. Strangely, I love road trips.

But podcasts and audiobooks make the process bearable and even enjoyable. They allow me to “read” when I have to be doing other things. Reading is my absolute favorite pastime and technology allows me to do it when I’m required to, you know, drive safely.

As a fellow weary traveler, I would like to do what I can to help. If you would like a free Star Runners audiobook, the first THREE people to write me an email will get both Star Runners audiobooks for free. All you have to do is include “Stay Frosty” in your subject line. That’s it. I will then send you a code for the free audiobooks. You can save them or give them as presents to other reluctant travelers.

If you aren’t one of the top three responders, let me suggest two of my favorite podcasts I found to pass the time during long trips: The Nerdist and Story and Star Wars.


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