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Mission Wraith is Underway!

Whew! The excitement of launching Star Runners: Mission Wraith on Christmas sure added a dose of adrenaline to the holiday season. The overwhelming number of comments and emails I have received has created a wonderful start to 2016.

Now that the third book is out, I thought it would be a good time to talk a little about the first trilogy set in the Star Runners universe. The basic ideas of the Star Runners universe have been bouncing around my head since middle school. My best friend and I set the foundation of this universe in a world before the Internet when our imaginations were our greatest entertainment. Well, I believe imagination still is the greatest form of entertainment.

My friend had been going through a rough time. As a surprise, I wanted to write a trilogy set in that universe that he would enjoy. I wanted it to be an escape. At the same time, I was mentoring a young boy who didn’t enjoy reading. I remember asking him if he would read a book if I wrote it for him. And that is how the first Star Runners’ trilogy was born.

When I first started this journey, I desired to make each book different from the others. The first book was a discovery novel and the second (Revelation Protocol) was a relentless chase. For this third volume, I wanted to do something different than the first two. I wanted Austin to finally get his leave. I thought he deserved a break.

Most importantly, I wanted Star Runners: Mission Wraith to leave Earth behind and start seeing what life in the Legion Navy would be like for Austin and the other Star Runners in the Thirty-Second Tizona. What would it be like to square off against the Zahl Empire during the Galactic Cold War? What would life be like on a Legion carrier in deep space?

I wanted the third book to be a spy adventure reminiscent of the Cold War thrillers I grew up reading. I wanted Austin to be ripped of all his support system and thrust into a world of espionage with high stakes. I knew I wanted Austin to face off against the toughest challenge the Legion had faced. The Zahl Empire has been testing the most powerful space fighter in the known galaxy. The Legion Trident cannot compete with it. If completed, this fighter will shift the uneasy balance along the Zahl-Legion border and send the galaxy into a second Galactic War.

I am very proud of the finished product. I truly hope you enjoy it. The story of Austin Stone's transition from teenager on Earth to a seasoned Star Runners is complete. I can't wait to continue his adventures in the future.

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