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What is my process? Type faster!

I was asked the other day about my writing process. Although a few have asked me about how Star Runners was created and published, I had never had a question posed quite like this one. My first answer to the question was, “Who am I to answer this question?” So I let it sit for a while without considering an answer. The question was brought up again recently and I thought I would answer it here for all to see in the event there is an interest in how my books are written. I don’t really like thinking about writing a book as a process because I love it so much, but here we go.

Finishing a book is the most daunting challenge for any writer and without the finished product there is no career. I am always relieved when I hear the greats have all experienced moments of doubt and frustration. I wrote fiction in the early years of grammar school, tried to use the family typewriter (Google it if you don’t know what that is) to write a historical novel in sixth grade about a family in the Revolutionary War (I think I managed three single-spaced pages), and completed several short stories from middle to high school. I wrote my first “adult” historical fiction novella when I was twenty and finished my first science fiction story when I was twenty-four.

This brings me to the first answer to the “process” question. I needed a hard deadline in order to finish the book. Without a deadline, I think I would still be rewriting the first Star Runners book. To meet my deadline, I wrote the first draft as quickly as possible. Without fail, I woke at four in the morning everyday (including Saturdays) and wrote until at least six before getting ready for work. On Saturdays, I wrote longer if I didn’t have to work.

Why did I get up so early? I realized that a cup of coffee goes a long way, but I also noticed it was the one time of day I didn’t get interrupted. It was awesome. I wrote more in those two hours than any other time.

My process hasn’t changed much—I type the first draft as fast as possible. This is long before the edits, proofs and beta readers. This is when the story exists only in the scariest of places: my mind. I still wake up early and write mostly in the mornings. Sometimes I write late in the afternoons, but usually try to save evenings for family and fun … or chores.

I hope this answers the questions about my writing process. If you’d like to connect and discuss this in more detail, feel free to message me on Facebook, Twitter or shoot me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!

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