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Weekly update: March 18, 2016

I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day! If you didn't wear green, better luck next year.

As promised, I am providing an update for writing accomplishments this week. Overall, it felt great to return to these characters. But my week wasn't all about Star Runners 4.

Star Runners Omnibus: Volumes 1-3

I am finishing up work on a collection of the first three books in the Star Runners universe. This will simply be one volume containing Star Runners, Star Runners: Revelation Protocol, and Star Runners: Mission Wraith. I hope to release this collection in April. More details to follow.

Star Runners 4

I started writing the next installment of Star Runners on Monday after finishing the first draft of another book on the previous Friday. The finished first draft now sits and ferments before I will give it a first edit.

The writing of Star Runners 4 has started off with nice fluid writing sessions. In the first five days, I managed 15,000 (14,800 for those who like details) words toward my overall goal of 100,000. I do not write simply for the word count. However, I like to have a goal in mind for the sake of meeting my deadline. Without deadlines, I don't think I would ever finish a book and it would languish on the hard drive for years ... and years ... and years. I have some works that did just that, and it breaks my heart.

I plan on continuing regular updates like these. I hope you enjoy them.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Star Runners or anything else you'd like to discuss. Meanwhile, enjoy a great spring weekend!

Stay Frosty!


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