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Weekly Update: April 1, 2016

I'll go ahead and let you know right now--there is no April Fools joke in this post.

My father loves April Fools and is the best jokester I know. He once told my mother first thing in the morning that her car had rolled down the hill during the night because she forgot to put the emergency brake on when she parked it the night before. She ran out into the driveway and saw the car just sitting there. There were countless more over the years, and I think of them every time April 1 rolls around.

I will keep the update short this week.

I managed to get the first draft of Star Runners up to nearly 40,000 words this week. I've got a busy weekend coming up with family, so I am writing this update on Thursday evening with the hopes I will hit the 40,000 on Friday. If not, I promise I'll catch up next week.

I've also continued editing my other manuscript as well. More information will be out there on this work in the near future.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Enjoy your first April weekend.

Stay Frosty!


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