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Weekly Update: April 8, 2016

Baseball season has started so I haven't written one word this week - too busy watching games to have time for typing.

Not true at all. The opening sentence is a terrible lie. If I ever write anything like this here, I want you to know the website has been hacked. Whether or not I share everything I write, I still write every day. This week was no different at all. I have spent my time writing one book and editing another. It's been a great deal of work, but also very fun!


Work is proceeding on Star Runners 4. I have not decided on a title, but I will be sure to let you know. I have had one buzzing around my head that sounds better than "Star Runners 4" (lame), but I usually don't decide for sure until the first draft is done.

I have had a couple of emails about the deadline for this book. With the way the first draft is going, I should have it finished by the end of April. Then, it enters the editing process, cover design, audiobook, etc. I would never ever put a publication date on a book when it is in this early stage, but I would love, love, love to have it ready for all those summer readers who are looking for something to read when school is out. As a kid, that was always my absolute favorite time to read.

So, Star Runners 4 is currently at 54,000 words. I feel like it is going well. I am enjoying the story and have been writing scenes I first imagined way back at the beginning of the process (it was 2013, I believe).


I have been continuing my editing work on a completely different project. It has been a lot of fun and is completely different than Star Runners. Once I have finished this editing round, I will present it to my first readers and then the beta readers. I will be announcing more information and where to find it in the near future. Thank you for all the supporting emails I have received. It means more to me than words can express, but I always respond to those who take the time to type up an actual email.


Woo hoo! I have been waiting for this for a while. The collection of the first three Star Runners books arrived in the mail this week. How fun! Look for this to go on sale at all the various places books are sold in the very near future. For now, check out this copy on my kitchen counter.

The squadron patch on the cover was designed by the brilliant Daniel Havens. So cool. I once told a reader one of my dreams was to have an actual flight jacket with this patch sown onto the shoulder. Yes, I have a weird and easily satisfied imagination.


I want to thank you for your time in reading this post and for all of you who have sent me messages asking about the upcoming releases. I wish all of you a fantastic weekend. Wherever you are or whatever you are doing, enjoy the sunshine!

Stay frosty!


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