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Weekly Update April 15

Does it seem strange to anyone that it's already April 15? Full disclosure here: I had to double-check the calendar when I typed the title of this weekly update.

Before I dive into the full update, I wanted to wish everyone a happy Friday. A special thank you to all the encouragement I've received via Twitter, Facebook and email. I appreciate it so much. Go out enjoy the weekend! Stay Frosty!

I thought I would share with all of you something that happened this week. Someone asked me if I could have one wish granted, what would it be? Well, my first wish was to wish for an infinite supply of more wishes. When I was told that wasn't fair, I told them I wanted to fly in a Trident. I received a blank stare and realized I was a bit too much in my own head at that moment, so I changed my answer to "fly in a fighter jet." Oh, well.

Another thing that happened was I had lunch with a dear friend who is the best writer and creative person I've ever known. We started lamenting the loss of our writing mentor, who passed away eight years ago this week. This conversation served as a stark reminder of how short life truly can be. I don't want to be a downer, but go do something this weekend you've been putting off. You might not get another chance.

Enough of that. Okay, here we go!

Star Runners 4 - Word Count 65,000

Work is proceeding on the next Star Runners book. I feel like the story is moving along in an exciting way. I'm having a blast writing this one. I can't wait to see how the finished product comes out! Speaking of a final product, I am on track for finishing the first draft by the end of month. Of course, this is if life doesn't get in the way or the story doesn't take a surprising turn in the end. The former is not fun, but the latter can be incredible. I will keep you updated on the progress as I have during this entire draft. Once the first draft is complete, I will start providing a bit more information as a tease. In the past, we've provided the prologue here on the website. We might look to do something similar in the future. I'll keep you posted.

Star Runners Omnibus

The Star Runners Omnibus was released this week as promised. This is the first three Star Runners books in one volume for the first time. If you haven't read any of the books and you enjoy being able to read several volumes in one place, this is for you. Or you might want to share it with a family member. Whatever you'd like to do with it, it meant a great deal to me to provide you the option of getting the three books in one place.

Star Runners Universe

There are some other exciting items on the drawing board for the universe of Star Runners. It's a bit too early to get into details, but I cannot wait to share them with you when they are ready.

Other work

I am nearly finished with my first edit on a new novel. I am very proud of it so far, and it will soon be sent into the beta reading/editing/rewriting phase. Once it's ready, I will be sure to announce some details.

Thank you for keeping up with the weekly updates! I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have enjoyed communicating with you each week. Drop me a line whenever you would like on Twitter, Facebook or email (this is the best place to communicate with me directly:

Have a wonderful weekend and stay frosty!


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