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Weekly Update: April 23, 2016

It's early Saturday morning and the sun hasn't even come up. My Han Solo mug is full of coffee as I write this brief update of the week's activities. I'll just tell you now - this week was all Star Runners all the time for me!

Star Runners 4 = 80,000 words

This update is going to be on the short side. As anyone who knows me can agree, I have tunnel vision when I get this close to the end of a book. Once I finish, I spend most of my time apologizing to my friends and family for being a little out of touch.

I'm entering the third and final act of the story. It's completely engrossing my mind and taking up most of my time not spent doing other things (exercise, sleep, paying bills, etc.). My primary writing days are Monday through Friday. Any weekend writing is sporadic. As I write this update, I have not yet written one word today and Star Runners 4 is currently at about 80,000 words. I still have a great deal of story to tell in this novel, so I expect the first draft will clock in well above 100,000 words.

Editing will begin after the first draft is complete, which should be at the end of next week (I hope). I promise I will update you here if the writing is still going on. I want to thank all of you for your continued support in reading these stories and sending me your emails, Tweets and FB messages. In some ways, I've been dreaming up these stories for nearly 25 years. To be able to share them with you all and knowing you've enjoyed them has been a dream come true. Thank you.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a fantastic start to your week. Drop me a line anytime and I will respond as quickly as I am able.

Stay Frosty!


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