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Weekly Update: May 6, 2016 (First Draft of next Star Runners Novel Complete)

Whew! I finished writing the epilogue of the next Star Runners novel on Friday, May 6, and it feels good. And exhausting. And exhilarating. And scary.

These are always completely normal feelings after I finish a book. I'm very happy with this novel, but I really won't know exactly what I have until I edit, have others edit, and start the beta reading process.

But I feel extremely proud of the book. I never really talk about a work in progress with anyone--not even family and friends. And that has been so difficult this time because there are events in the fourth book I have been anticipating revealing since I wrote the very first book. I have nearly slipped up with many of you who have sent emails asking questions about the existing books. I almost told someone just this week about the fate of a character and then had to act like I forgot what I wanted to say.

Overall, the next Star Runners' book was a blast to write. Emotional and tiring, but thrilling.

I have received a great deal of support from all of you. I really enjoyed providing the weekly updates for the book. I appreciate your gentle kicks in the butt to "write faster."

For those of you who have been keeping tabs on my progress with messages on Facebook, Twitter or emails, the final tally of Star Runners Four is as follows:

Started First Draft: March 14

Finished First Draft: May 6

Final First Draft Word Count: 112,892

So, what's next?

I will be the first to admit that Star Runners Four dominated my life the past two weeks. Other things have slacked a bit, but I've tried to return all your emails ASAP.

I need to speed up on the editing of the book I wrote at the first of the year. That will be my first priority as Star Runners cools off. I always let a draft sit for a while before I look at it. It's kind of like cookies coming out of the oven: You want to check them out right away, but they aren't ready. I plan to start announcements of this new book very soon.

To sum it all up, this summer is going to be busy.

But that's the way I believe it should be. Reading books on summer break when I was growing up is such a vivid memory it could have happened yesterday. Endless days marked by finished chapters rather than dragging hours, completed books rather than weeks at the office. Ah, what a special time.

I wish you all a fantastic Friday. Make it great!

Stay frosty!


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