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Weekly Update: Memorial Day 2016

I can't write an update this week without mentioning Memorial Day.

Over the years, I have had the honor of interviewing dozens (maybe hundreds) of veterans who have fought for the United States. Many of those I interviewed are gone now, and I would give anything to have a chat with them again. I listened in awe as these gentle heroes shared their stories and recalled those soldiers who did not make it home. It is for those soldiers who are no longer with us we take this long weekend. I always try to take a moment to remember this in between grilling, sitting by the pool and celebrating the start of summer.

My interest in these veterans began when my parents told me my grandfathers fought in World War II. I never looked at my "Pop" the same. I couldn't imagine this sweet, caring man in the midst of a terrible war. Before I was told he served, I was enthralled with all things dealing with war (I suspect many young boys are the same). After hearing of Pop's service, my interest in historic conflicts changed as I realized the soldiers fighting in the war had homes and families. Talking with Pop forever changed the way I viewed war.

OK, here's the brief update for what I've been working on this week. Once again, I've been editing like crazy this week. I finished editing one project and turned it over to the beta readers. I expect to make an announcement about this new book very soon.

I am also thrilled to say I have started editing Star Runners 4 this week. I will release more information to all newsletter subscribers in the very near future, but it's very exciting to know I have started the editing process. This means the book will be meeting my deadline of coming out this summer. Very cool. I will be providing information on possible preorder dates, sample chapters and more in future newsletters. Click here to add your email above "SUBSCRIBE" if you want to join the mailing list.

For now, have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and start your summer off in a great way.

And, of course, stay frosty!


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