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Working through the Star Runners Universe

Work has finished on republishing Star Runners: Revelation Protocol, the second novel in the Star Runners Universe. I expect the book to be available at all the retailers soon (hopefully before Christmas).

I've received some emails, posts, etc. from readers wondering why I'm publishing the old books and not new ones. Fair question. My short answer is the rights returned to Shadow Max Publishing and provided a unique opportunity to read through the manuscripts one more time before I carried out the task of republishing. Also, I didn't want to work on publishing the fifth book in the Star Runners Universe without having the other four on the market.

To be honest, the manuscripts had been through multiple stages in the publishing process with many hands on them from the time I signed over the rights and when they were returned. I wanted to verify nothing had been altered or accidentally messed up during the transition. I'm so glad I did because I was able to clean up the books once more. Novels are interesting because, in theory, they will be around long after we are gone. Editing them again was a joy and also my duty to provide you (and the future) the best possible story I could send out into the world.

But this doesn't mean I haven't been writing in the meantime. I never stop writing. As I've mentioned in other posts, Star Runners 5 and more adventures in the Star Runners Universe are on the way!

I'd better get back to work. I will make another announcement as soon as Revelation Protocol begins appearing in the online stores.

Stay frosty!


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