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Dreaming of Trident Drawings

Happy Friday!

The coolest thing happened to me recently. I was looking through my notes for Star Runners from when I was in seventh grade about 25 years ago (I know). I found some of my first sketches of Tridents and couldn't believe I've been dreaming about Legion forces for most of my life. Crazy.

Anyway, I was never a very talented artist even though I wanted to be. I tried. It just never really came out the way I wanted. (My wonderful niece, Shelbi, however, is the most talented artist in the known universe. Maybe I'll get the chance to work with her awesomeness someday...)

I think most of this interest in space battles began with Star Wars, which I understand is not very original for someone born in the 1970s. I always, always, always wanted to be nothing more than a fighter pilot. The space battles in Star Wars and Return of the Jedi still stir my imagination. As a result, the VHS copies of my Star Wars trilogy wore out fairly quickly.

So why was I looking at my old Star Runners files?

Excitement. Pure and simple. I've been enjoying prepping the old books for republication. It's reignited my enjoyment of storytelling and sitting at the keyboard typing away. I'm currently working on a hard edit of Star Runners 4. The fifth book is also coming as well as an entirely different story set in the Star Runners Universe. Expect an announcement on that project in the near future.

Better get back to work! All of you stay frosty and have an excellent weekend!


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