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The Star Runners Universe is back!

It seemed insurmountable at first when I realized I'd be republishing all four novels in the Star Runners Universe. I knew I had to give the books a once-over. After all, the manuscripts had been through many hands, and I needed to make sure everything was good to go. Since a couple of days after Thanksgiving, I've been working my way through the novels one word at a time. What an interesting journey.

I know all of you might not be writers, but you can probably relate to the feeling of returning to work you accomplished years before. It's a strange and often humbling experience.

For example, I finished the first draft of Star Runners toward the end of 2013. I'm obviously not the same person in 2017-2018 as I was, so editing the book was surreal. It was almost like editing other person's work!

I didn't change the plot at all, but I was able to streamline and modify the books one more time as I formatted (I'm not too prideful to admit I caught a few typos that somehow still existed). Thanks to beautiful new software (Vellum), formatting was more relaxed and more professional than ever before. A dreadful task quickly morphed into one of pure joy! I had a blast reading through the first four novels again. I'm so proud of the final product, and I hope you will be, too.

But I realize some of you reading this aren't interested in the past books (my emails and messages can attest to this). You want to know about the next book.

Well, this week I happily opened up the manuscript for the fifth book in the Star Runners Universe. You can never really put a timeline on how long the manuscript edit will take. However, I am working through the pages as quickly as possible and will keep you posted.

Most importantly of all, I want to thank those of you who've stuck by me during this delay between books. I know it, well, stunk. I'll make it up to you and keep producing books I hope allow you to enjoy a little escape or dream time while staring out window (like I often do).

Readers of Star Runners are the absolute best in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Stay frosty!

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