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What a wonderful world

What a fantastic world we live in!

I hope I don't embarrass him by writing about this (so I'm only going to use his first name), but I received an email this week that still has me smiling.

I know the recent publishing schedule for the Star Runners Universe has been a little different. After publishing the first four books in about two years from 2014-2016, many of you have inquired about the status of book 5. But I don't think I've ever received such a kind message asking about the status of me as I received this week.

Jason, a Star Runners reader and listener of the audiobooks, hails from Australia and sent me a message just to ask if I was "OK." He wondered if there would be a fifth book as well, but indicated he was more concerned about my well-being.

I couldn't believe it. I read and re-read the email before I responded.

We hear so much in the media about negative interactions we sometimes forget to concentrate on the good news. Here was someone on the other side of the world taking time out of his day to make sure I was doing OK. Happily, I was able to respond I was alive and well. Thanks to him, I was blessed with a renewed sense of encouragement about the world and our future. I've been feeling it ever since.

The correspondence reminded me how important it is to take time to tell others they mean something to us or smile at the random person in the grocery store. You'll probably never know what a difference you made in their day by the gesture, but you'll also feel genuinely better as well.

Regarding the Star Runners Universe, I'm hard at work on Book 5. I have a tentative title and an ARC (advanced reading copy) team assembled. I don't want to provide a release date, yet. You all have been so patiently waiting I want to give the absolute best possible book I could write before releasing it to the world. If you just have to know, I'm looking at publication possibly in the spring. Stay tuned to for the latest.

I was asked the other day how many Star Runners books I plan on writing. The initial plan for Austin Stone's story was at least six. I'll keep you posted on if that remains the plan. When they asked, I smiled and said, "It's a big universe. There's always more stories." But I will probably give Austin a break after six. I think he's certainly earned it. Now Bear on the other hand...*

Of course, I'll never stop writing. :)

I hope you guys have an awesome day. Remember to stay frosty and take care of yourselves! Feel free to drop me a line if you ever want to chat or just say hello.


* P.S. And I was kidding about Bear.

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