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Star Runners 5 to Pre-release Team this Week!

It's been a long road full of twists and turns, edits and rewrites -- just like every novel I've ever written -- and now the light is at the end of the tunnel! Star Runners 5 is being sent to the pre-release team this week!

Whew! I plan on taking some time to simply write new material for the next few days and concentrate on something other than editing. I have been editing every day for hours on end since December to try and republish Star Runners 1-4 before I jumped right into 5! The manuscript had already been written, but as any writer will tell you, that's only the beginning. I appreciate all of your support and the patience of those who have been waiting on the book.

Some of you have asked me about the plot of SR5. The short, one-sentence summary would be this:

Josh Morris goes to the farthest regions of the galaxy—and beyond it—to keep a promise and help a friend, unknowingly sparking events that could lead to galactic war.

There's so much more to share in the coming weeks! The official title and book cover will be revealed to email list subscribers first. The book will be placed on pre-order shortly as well. I can't wait to start sharing scenes and extended previews soon, too. So much to do, but so fun!

Stay frosty!


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