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Marveling at Marvel

Over the past couple months, I've seen Avengers: Infinity War and the Ant-Man sequel in the theater. Both were pure fun at the movies, full of escapist entertainment. It's easy to see why these movies have become such a juggernaut at the theater. People like having a good time when they go to the movies (shocker).

But I've been thinking about the past ten years of Marvel movies ever since I left the theater last weekend after watching Ant-Man and the Wasp. It's been quite an ambitious undertaking that in hindsight seems like a sure thing when it wasn't.

I remember thinking way back in 2008, "They're going to create a linked cinematic universe with a bunch of superheroes? That'll never work."

Then I saw Iron Man and (like everyone else) loved Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Tony Stark. The movies just kept coming after that. Every time, people doubted the next film would work.

A movie about Thor? That'll fail (it didn't).

A movie about galactic heroes including a raccoon and a talking tree? That'll be a disaster (it wasn't and I loved it!).

More recently, who would see movies about an "ant" man? They'll be flops (they weren't).

Marvel Studios took its time, ignored the doubters, and played the game they wanted to play. Now, they're reaping the rewards.

When I realized this last weekend with Ant-Man and the Wasp, I drove home from the theater admiring the laser-focus of Marvel in making these movies. It's an inspiring story of persevering in the face of doubters, one I'm sure film buffs and Hollywood historians will be reflecting on for years to come.

I think we all could apply the same lesson to our lives, whatever it is we want to do. You want to be an artist, and others think it's crazy? Prove them wrong. You want to try acting, and people say you should get a traditional job? Work hard at learning everything you can about the craft and prevail.

You get the idea.

I guess you can see I draw inspiration from all kinds of places in this world--even from a movie about an Ant-Man and a Wasp. I think it's what makes life worth living.

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