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Standalone or not?

"Can Dark Space be read on its own?"

I was asked this question over the weekend. In other words, is Dark Space a standalone novel?

My first answer was to say no, then yes, then ... ummm. How eloquent.

A couple of years back when Star Runners: Mission Wraith was released, I had a guy write to me who was introduced to the Star Runners Universe (SRU) at book 3. He proceeded to read the books in reverse order of release. I'm proud to say he let me know they were still enjoyable. Whew!

From the beginning of the SRU, I always wanted each book to have a complete story. Even though its a series that's building up to the events in Star Runners 6, I wanted the novels to at least have an entire story. The epilogues always provide a little tease as to what's coming next, but I wanted each book to have a complete story.

To answer the original question, Star Runners: Dark Space was always going to center on Josh Morris and how he deals with the trauma following his ordeal in Star Runners: Revelation Protocol. However, I do think one could read Dark Space without having read the other books. It's a complete story of a friend going to the ends of the known galaxy in the hope he can help another person. That's really all you need to know.

Of course, Dark Space would be even more enjoyable if you had read the other books in the series. Some characters and locations have been introduced in the other novels. Others have only been mentioned in dialogue and not seen.

Please let me know if you have any other questions as we approach the release date of Star Runners: Dark Space on August 3. I love hearing from you!

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