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Sneak Peek 5 for Star Runners Dark Space

Today will be the final look into Star Runners: Dark Space before it releases on August 3!

In this excerpt, Josh Morris realizes he's about to die. Under attack by an unknown force with lethal weaponry unlike anything he's seen, Josh decides to go down fighting against a terrifying foe!


Josh squeezed the trigger, the rifle spitting bolts toward his target. They struck without effect, the armor glowing as the creature charged. Standing, he held the gun to his belt and unleashed everything. Blasts disappeared into the protective field around his target. Other shots deflected and exploded into the rocks, erupting into sparks.

The rifle ran dry. He hurled it to the floor and yanked out the revolver. Aiming, he fired. The gun exploded like thunder in the confined space, kicking his arm back with more power than the rifle. The bullet struck the shoulder, spinning him around, the shimmering energy wave surrounding the armor vanishing.

His enemy, its yellow eyes full, lifted its arm and fired twice. The first gel burst zipped by Josh’s head, crashing into the rocks with a hiss. But the second struck his right forearm with blunt force, sending him staggering backward. The gun fell from his grip. His heel caught a rock, and he stumbled onto his back just as the gel covered his bicep, scalding his skin and eating through.

He screamed, the smell of burning flesh filling his nose. He tried to wipe it off his arm, but only burned his palm. Arching his back, he shrieked as the substance melted his skin.

His wounded foe came to a stop and loomed over him, the wrist cannon trained on his face. Drawing on his anger, Josh spat at it and knew, dimly, it would be the last thing he did in this universe.

A blade pierced its chest, spilling blood onto its armor as its eyes bulged. A human male materialized behind it and twisted the sword, opening the wound. He shoved the creature to the ground and turned down the corridor, spraying machine gun fire from a weapon in his other hand.

Josh glanced at the dying thing. It smelled like a rotting corpse and wheezed for an instant before it remained still.

The stranger turned halfway around and tossed a blue rubber mat onto Josh's chest, his close-set eyes colorless.

"Use it on the wound until I get back," he said in a cold voice, "or you'll die."

Without waiting for a response, Josh’s savior sprinted down the hall, his machine gun firing. More of those things shrieked, followed by the distinctive clunk of their gel weapons.

Taking the blue mat and feeling its slimy texture, Josh pressed it on the wound and held it there, allowing the cooling sensation to penetrate his arm. The wound tingled, stinging as he tried to rise to his feet. More machine gun fire popped, mixing with what sounded like swords clashing and fierce struggles punctuated by the cracking of bones or slashing of blades upon flesh.


Star Runners: Dark Space is the fifth book in Star Runners Universe and is now available for pre-order! It releases on August 3!

Copyright 2021

Published by Shadow Max Publishing.