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Star Runners Universe August 2018 Update!

Star Runners: Dark Space has been out for a week. Thank you to all who have gone on the journey with me. Wow! What a week!

But it didn't take long before I received some emails asking when the next book was coming out, so I thought I would provide a bit of a round-up here. If you are a subscriber to the email list, you may have already seen some of what's below.

I've been asked about my writing process. I write new material every day. Then, I spend time edited what has already been finished once it's had time to "cool off." In other words, I write new stuff faster than I edit.

As a result, there are a few novels in the pipeline (including a collaboration coming shortly). These novels exist in the Star Runners Universe but have new characters and situations. In fact, three of the following stories started as background material to planets Austin and Ryker visited. Then, they happily morphed into a full novel! If you're interested, read on!


Those who have read Star Runners: Dark Space may be asking questions about some of the new, sinister characters. The first collaboration in the Star Runners Universe between C.G. Adams and L.E. Thomas. This novel is an epic tale from numerous perspectives across the galaxy, all somehow tied up with an intergalactic assassin with many aliases. A darker story in the Star Runners Universe, this one was an absolute blast to write, and I can't wait to share more information with you.

Zahl: Invasion (Working Title)

This is a story about the world of Tarrafa, which was conquered by the Zahl Empire during the events of Star Runners: Scorpions. I got wrapped up in the backstory of this planet while writing Scorpions. It turned into an entire book telling

the tale of a young man who is caught up in the occupation. The events of this book will lead directly into Star Runners 6.

Ashia 1 and 2

The planet of Ashia first appeared briefly in Star Runners: Mission Wraith. Some of you may remember Ashia was briefly published in 2016 before it was scooped up by another publisher. The rights have now been returned to Shadow Max Publishing, and I can't wait to share two novels from this world. The plan is to release both of these novels in rapid succession. As you discovered in Dark Space, Ashia soon becomes the focus of the entire galaxy. (Note: If you can't wait, the Ashia audiobook narrated by the ridiculously talented Angela Dawe is available here!)

Star Runners 6

I started work on this novel in April. My ultimate goal for the past couple of years has been reaching this book. I never thought I'd make it, quite honestly. The original story of Austin Stone and his friends has been leading to what happens in this book. More than that, the events of all the books on this list have been building up to this one. Characters from the other works will appear, and I'm so excited about that. I better get back to writing!

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