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From Tizona to Ghost - A Four Year Journey

How about that dramatic title, eh?

The release of Ghost: A Star Runners Novel marks four years to the day that Star Runners dropped on Christmas 2014. I have mentioned to people numerous times I had no idea anyone would ever read the book. It was published to keep a promise to a young man I was mentoring.

Four years later, I have no intention of stopping with numerous finished manuscripts in various stages of the editing process. I'm even more excited about the prospects of the Star Runners Universe than I was in 2014.

Ironically enough, sections of Ghost were written long before any adventures of Austin Stone. Ghost was a looming figure over a series of short stories I dabbled with almost twenty years ago. He was my character born of late night sessions of a homemade RPG called Star Runners I created with my friend, C.G. Adams. The novel dropping on Christmas 2018 is a result of countless hours of gaming, dreaming and imagining worlds far away.

But the game, Star Runners, was created around 1992 when we wanted to start building our worlds. We dreamed of the Legion battling with Imperial interceptors long before Star Runners was ever released into the world. Now, we are both working to create more tales in the Star Runners Universe to share. I hope you will continue to join us for these adventures.

Speaking of new adventures, I need to get back to work. The sixth Star Runners book will mark an end to Austin's initial journeys that began in 2014, and I am deep into writing this next novel. I will keep you posted.

For now, stay frosty!


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