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I go to movies by myself.

When I say this aloud, most people will follow my statement with a look of complete sympathy as if they feel sorry for me. I have never understood this reaction.

Before you feel the same way, I love going to movies by myself.

I was having a very busy weekend catching up on all the errands life throws at you (while getting in my daily writing quota as well). I suddenly realized I had finished my work and there was time to take in a movie. So I went to see "Brightburn" knowing very little about it.

I thought the short synopsis on the AMC app sounded like a sweet story that drifted very close to the tale of Superman (I didn't realize until after that was the point). It's about a boy who arrived on Earth via spacecraft. He is adopted by a couple desperately trying to have children. Let's just say all manner of shennangans ensue.

The movie clocks in at only 1 hour and 31 minutes.

Really? I was on the edge of my seat. I haven't been that uncomfortable in a movie theater in a long time. It was gory. It was suspenseful. It was heartbreaking.

I wasn't sure I was enjoying the movie while it was playing, but I also couldn't turn away. I was exhausted when it ended and wandered to the lobby with a mix of emotions.

And I have been thinking about the flick ever since.

******End Random Post******

Back to writing.

Stay frosty!

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