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Summer sale to celebrate 'Invasion'

It's always exciting to bring attention to the Star Runners Universe when a new book is coming out. With Invasion dropping on July 1, I am happy to say many other books in the universe are going on sale to celebrate this release!

Subscribers to the Star Runners Universe email list will also get some cool giveaways in the next week as well as an extended preview including the first several chapters of Invasion to see if you're interested. So sign up today if you want to see what Invasion is all about!

If you are on this blog, there's a good chance you might have read one of the Star Runners books. If you haven't, the first four books are going on sale over the next couple of weeks. How much? 99 cents.

And that's not all for the summer sales.

If you have never read any of the books, the Omnibus is dropping to the lowest price ever at 99 cents. That's three books!

Or if you want the four-book box set including the first four adventures in the series, it's dropping from $9.99 to $3.99!

These sales won't be around forever. If you're interested, take a look around Shadow Max Publishing for the discounted price at your favorite online retailer. If you want to chat about the series, drop me a line.

And, more importantly, stay frosty.

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