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Writing is invading my dreams

Last night was weird.

I'm in the middle of writing the sixth book in the main Star Runners storyline, the culmination of the tale started with the publication of the first Star Runners book in 2014. I don't think I'm spoiling anything to tell you the story contains large battle scenes and stressful situations. It has been wearing me out a little mentally, but that usuallly happens when I'm deep into writing a story.

However, I didn't realize it until last night how big an effect the story is having on me. The story invaded my dreams! Characters, ships and scenes played out in my dreams last night. It was crazy. Then, it gets even stranger...

As I was dreaming about a battle scene, I woke to my bed rattling. Then, I realized it was my entire room. Yes, an earthquake was gently rumbling my house (apparently an earthquake hit Panama last night).

I went back to sleep and didn't dream of the Star Runners Universe again. However, the lingering feeling remained this morning as I thought about what a strange night it had been. I decided to write about it on the blog and get it out of my system before I dive back into Star Runners 6.

With that, have a happy day and stay frosty!


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