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All good things...

No, I am not referencing the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation with this title (although it's a fantastic series ending if you for some reason have not seen it).

I am referring to the Star Runners sale that has been going on for the whole of 2019. It started with the first Star Runners listed on sale for 99 cents earlier in the year and led to more considerable discounts in the series in preparation for the release of Invasion.

Well, it wouldn't be a "sale" if it went on forever.

Invasion is dropping on July 1 (you should check out the preview scenes I've been releasing on Facebook if you're interested), which means all the prices in the Star Runners Universe will drift back to their regular prices during the first week of the month. You should grab these discounts while you can!

By far the most popular sale item has been the Omnibus for 99 cents. The first three books in the series have never been discounted so low. Grab this one fast before it reverts to it's the standard price.

OK, that's about all the sales copy I can type this morning.

(I have a particularly big scene I need to write for Star Runners 6 this morning, so I'd better get to work)

Stay frosty!

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