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The joy of discovery

I grew up in a library. To be more specific, my mother used to take me all the time when I was young and growing up in a lovely place called Fairport, New York. The absolute best memory of the experience is strolling into the towering stacks of books and realizing I could take any of the books home.

And I did.

I vividly remember checking out the Lord of the Rings at a very young age and the librarian cocking her eyebrow at me.

"Are you really going to read this?"

"Of course!"

And I did.

I still enjoy libraries, both big and small. I also enjoy the discovery of small lending libraries wherever I travel. Some are simple, and others quite extravagant.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, a lending library is also sometimes called a neighborhood library or a community lending library. No library cards required. Just drop a book off and take one. Simple.

I still love walking away with a new book. I recently was with family in Dahlonega, Georgia, where we tried our hands at panning for gold. No one walked away with vast stores of gold, I'm afraid.

But while walking around this mountain town, we did discover another treasure--a lending library I had never noticed!

So keep your eyes open while you're out and about! You never know when you might find a new library hiding in plain sight.

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