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Mini-break Aftermath

I am sitting in my home office on a rainy Tuesday.

I have just returned from a short vacation in Asheville, NC USA to celebrate my wife's birthday. We had a wonderful time taking the trolley tour and visiting the Biltmore Estate (a place I had not expected to enjoy but loved tremendously).

A view from the rear of the Biltmore home.

The Biltmore is more than just an enormous home built in a picturesque almost fairy tale like landscape. The entire 8,000-acre estate (it was once more than 120,000 acres) is home to a thousand stories begging to be discovered. I will have to go back, but it was a mini-break, and we needed to return.

And now it's time to get back to the grind. With my deadline for the first manuscript of SR 6 about a week away, I can feel the pressure mounting. It is always tough to return to the routine. I was in the groove last week. The words flowed.

With the help of coffee this morning, I will get it back.

Stay frosty!


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