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Musings on Munich

The train rolled from Erding to Munich on an impromptu decision to check out the German city I had never visited.

As the gorgeous countryside passed by the full windows, the young people near me astounded me. Not because they were loud or obnoxious, but because they sat without cell phones and quietly had a pleasant conversation. I couldn't believe it.

When I'm usually in a public place, I don't notice many authentic conversations. Maybe I'm missing them. Most people put the earbuds in as they stroll. I'm not any better--I love audiobooks and podcasts.

So I found it surprising on the train ride how much the two teenagers seemed to enjoy a simple, quiet conversation with their peer. I thought it must be an unusual occurrence.

I was wrong.

Upon my ascendance into the sunlight from the train station, the thoroughfares in Munich on the cloudless day filled with people, food and music. People laughed and conversed in many different languages as I passed.

I did not speak their languages. I did not need to. I heard the happiness in their voices, the jovial expressions of people enjoying a sunny day with enough breeze to fight off the heat. Not one person passed with a scowl. On the contrary, pedestrians greeted me with a grin, a nod, or a wave.


To walk those streets that day was to be amid perfection. I had never experienced so many joyful people in one place. It was unforgettable. Even now, words do not do it justice.

From that moment forward, I decided I needed to get out and about my community to experience more and live. We need to do it more often. I know I certainly do.

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