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The Ashia Experience: A lengthy road from draft to reality

My book, Ashia: The Seer and The Spire, released this week. Some of you may recognize Ashia: The Seer and the Spire as a novel briefly released in 2016. Because of a unique situation with a previous publisher (I won't go into that here), the book has been waiting to drop until 2020. As a result of the delay, the sequel, Ashia: The Queen and the Outcast, will be released later this year on Thanksgiving day and will soon be available for pre-order.

When I started on this journey to bring the Star Runners Universe to readers, I always envisioned creating a vast tale of young people around the same age on different planets across the galaxy trying to find their way. The ultimate goal has always been encouraging young people to read. The result was Star Runners, Invasion, and, now, Ashia: The Seer and the Spire. It is exciting to be able to write that since I started this dream almost ten years ago. 

The three storylines would all lead toward an eventual Galactic War in the sixth Star Runners book, unlike anything I have ever written. I always wanted each novel to be a self-contained story. However, if a reader followed me on all of these stories, they would encounter fun cameos and information expanded in different books. For example, Ashia has popped up in different ways in some of the earliest writings in the Star Runners Universe, just as individual characters appear in the Ashia books.

The first Star Runners book established the existence of Dark Worlds or planets without interstellar travel capabilities (like Earth). Subsequent stories like Ghost revealed ancient generational vessels departing from the Zahl Empire to colonize planets across the galaxy. With Ashia, I endeavored to create an account taking place on a primitive world that was even further behind in development than Earth. Because of resources available on Ashia, however, the galaxy's attention would soon turn toward the planet. 

I have always been a writer, but some of you may also be interested in the fact I am also a historian. The stories of culture clashes like the Columbian Exchange have always been captivating. If you are not familiar with this event, the Columbian Exchange is what historians have named the collision of one half of the world with the other resulting from the journies of Christopher Columbus in 1492. In the following centuries, resources, including crops, livestock, and culture, passed between the Americas and the rest of the world. Unfortunately, Europeans also desired to conquer these lands by any means necessary and carried devastating diseases that eradicated millions of Americans. As you will see, I feel these tragic stories from Earth's past inspired the tales of Ashia. 

I genuinely hope you continue to enjoy these adventures in the Star Runners Universe. When I first started imagining these worlds as a young man, I never would have believed people from all over the world would be experiencing these stories. Thank you all for your continued emails and support. It means the world to me! 

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