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The galaxy is burning.

It is a great pleasure to announce Star Runners: Galactic War is now available for pre-order with a December 25 release date! The original Star Runners was released on Christmas Day six years ago!

Read on for a brief synopsis of the sixth book in the primary Legion storyline:

The Galactic Legion of Planets is reeling from a surprise invasion from a mysterious force hailing from Dark Space. Back in the cockpit of a Trident, Austin Stone and the elite Star Runners are battling against a swarming armada threatening to conquer star systems that could ultimately place Earth in the invaders' path!

At the same time, the Zahl Empire is maneuvering to take advantage of the Legion's struggles by igniting the long-simmering cold war and avenging the embarrassment of the previous galactic war. As the Star Runners parry the vicious onslaught of an alien force, they must respond to a Zahlian incursion on the Fringe world of Ashia that could escalate into a two-front war the Legion could not survive.

Enhanced by intense space battles in what one reader described as an "overarching powerful ensemble of a space epic that keeps you reading," Star Runners: Galactic War is the sixth installment of the primary Legion storyline in the Star Runners Universe.

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