Efficient. Deadly. Untraceable.

Some doubt his existence. 

Some are hunting him. 

Some will die by his hand. 

An intergalactic assassin with numerous identities strikes without leaving any hint of his existence, giving him the moniker: Ghost.


His lethal work will touch lives across the galaxy, from the military to the primitive farmer to the Zahlian Merchant Marine. In the wake of death follows a capital ship captain hunting for a target he scarcely believes in and an over-the-hill marshal who still has another chase in him. 

But what happens with the flawless contract killer may have reached too far during a job? When all clues lead to one planet, and his pursuers back Ghost into a corner, all bets are off. 

Experience the sinister side of the Star Runners Universe in this tale about an assassin who may have reached the end of the line. 

Copyright 2021

Published by Shadow Max Publishing.